Thank You to Ambassador Andrejs Pildegovics
Oct 20, 2012
By Gustavs Plato
Over the last several years there were many times where LatCham had the opportunity to work with Ambassador Andrejs Pildegovics. He became an honorary member of the Chamber and often invited us to the Embassy for discussions about business, economics, and cultural events. He was always open to help and work with the Chamber and did so on many occasions.

He served as Latvia's Ambassador to the United States from July 2007-July 2012. During this time he was active in the Visa Waiver Program (simplified travel and tourism for Latvian citizens visiting the United States), as well as Northern Distribution Network, which is a supply chain for NATO/ISAF operations in Afghanistan. In addition, he was involved with the Chamber in putting together the USBF Supply Chain Venture Forum in 2009. His participation included working with us during the planning sessions as well as being a speaker at the Forum.  His participation was very important in making this a successful event.

As of July 2012 he has returned to Latvia with his wife and children and is the Political Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Republic of Latvia. We wish him well and look forward to our paths crossing again.

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